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Until November...

Day 6:
Today was more hectic than I planned but it all worked out in the end.  We still had two more stoves and three more sets of meals to deliver but had no idea where the homesteads were located.  We drove around to the homes we knew in search of our remaining students’ phone numbers or directions to their homes (I was hoping for the prior because directions usually amount to “turn on the road by the school and then go up up up the mountain until you reach a rock then follow it until you reach the largest tree and then keep going up up!”)… No such luck for either.  Then, I called our village facilitator Bheki (aka the busiest man in the universe who is always running!) and lo and behold, he was in eLangeni for a meeting and would take us to the remaining homesteads.  Crisis averted.  Thanks Bheki!!
After our work was complete, we played mini-basketball at the Msibi homestead and hide-and-seek at the Maziya homestead. Philo is my size now, so I told her to walk me to the car where I stripped down my jeans, shoes, and sweatshirt for her to have and wore my Swazi wrap home.  We leave tomorrow for America and I don’t think anyone is ready to go.  But we hugged goodbye until November and headed home. Driving away and seeing them and their village in our rearview mirror is the hard part.  I pray and pray that these kids will be fine until we return in November – and I feel so blessed that I am able to do so.  Missing them is like missing a piece of my heart.
Thanks to our AMAZING group of volunteers!  I cannot sing their praises enough – they were loving and open toward the orphans, never complained about the failed meetings or changes in schedules (typical here in SD), and were always eager to help in any way possible.  Without all of the above we would not have been able to get everything done in our short trip.  Thanks to your generous donations and their hard work we were able to:
1.       Deliver food to 18 child-headed homes facing severe food scarcity
2.       Cooked and disseminated school lunch at eLangeni Primary for 634 students.
3.       Deliver gel-burning stoves to 6 child-headed families without electricity who previously had to cook outside over a fire.
4.       Purchased barbed wire for our 25 hectares of land in Malindza that currently houses New Hope School and our vegetable garden to feed the orphans.
5.       Deliver medical supplies to an under-resourced rural clinic.
6.       Delivered food to 2 primary schools for school lunch through November reaching 665 orphaned students.
7.       Deliver clothing, toys, games, and shoes to an orphanage.
8.       Installed 5 laptops at our New Hope Primary School for orphans in Malindza.

Until I return to Swaziland in November, you won’t hear from anyone on this blog.  Thanks for keeping up with the happenings at Give Hope, Fight Poverty.  We could not do any of this without you!!
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Siyabonga (thanks) from Swaziland…

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