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Today we met Bheki at the Chief’s house. The princess Chief offered us sour porridge, a traditional Swazi drink, and we pretended to drink it!! It looked gross… Like really thin oatmeal. The Chief offered us grass mats handmade by GoGo Kunene. They are beautiful. She wanted to thank us for all of the donations you guys made. She said that many times Americans will come and visit the village and leave without ever doing anything they promised. She said that she was reluctant to have the Purdue group come because the people in the village often feel like a museum exhibit or animals at a zoo. She said that she was very pleased with the generosity and empathy offered by the Purdue students, Anne and myself. We were honored that she invited us to her home and told her that we would relay the “thank yous” to you guys!!

In the evening the Taiwanese doctors came over for another tutoring session. They are sad to see us leave so on Friday they are throwing us a traditional Taiwanese dinner (made by the chef of the King of Swaziland) and having a karaoke party afterward. Hilarious.

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