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"Annie, will you come play with me?" - Day 12

Today Mary and Kait went on safari while Katy and I ran errands for our Malindza Party tomorrow.  Katy & I also found university students who customize upholstered items so we hired them to make 6 large pillows for our eLangeni Primary Children's Library.

Then we were making plans with my friends in the city just as I received a text "Hi Annie. Will you please come play with us?", the girls and I dropped all of our plans and immediately drove to eLangeni to play with Mazwi and Philo at their homestead - because how can you possibly say no to the cutest children in the whole world?!  We were lucky that Mary brought her hiking head lamp as their solar bulb for their GHFP Solar Panel has blown so their home was pitch black.  We put together a Buzz Lightyear puzzle and then played rounds and rounds...and rounds of Stomach, Black J (old maid), and Crazy 8's. Their older brother Samkelo even joined us for the final few rounds.  It's nice to spend time with them in their home to see some needs.  Their concrete floor is COLD.  We need to find them a nice rug/carpet.  Also we need to find two new LED bulbs for their solar.  These are our two littlest ones...dark and cold is entirely unacceptable for Mazwi and Philo.

This little boy is the keeper of my heart and happiness.  He taught me how to love 7 years ago and I haven't been the same ever since :)

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