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May team Day 2:

Today started out at the government TB hospital.  They treat drug-resistant TB victims on an inpatient basis providing daily injections that may or may not work.  I hear the success rate is less than 60% and I’m thankful for all of the people praying that our boy Sanele does not become a statistic.  He’s an aspiring artist, so we dropped off art supplies to keep him entertained in his hospital room that he shares with 5 other sick boys (Thanks Deb Knoles!) and food since the hospital has minimal less than appetizing meals available.  He looked gaunt, thin, and very frail.  But somehow, his spirits still seem to be relatively high. 

We went to deliver food to our Malindza community sponsored high schoolers (Thanks FOODOM!).  We reached Sharon’s house and she looked great, happy, and healthy.  Then we reached Nomalungelo and Nothando’s house.  Nothando was at her sister’s funeral and Nomalungelo looked as though she was very ill.  Nomalungelo asked to go to the hospital as she has had trouble breathing and is feeling sick.  She looked extremely frail and tired. I’m hoping the food we delivered does the trick as this family has a lot of children and always faces severe food scarcity.   I really hope nothing major is wrong. 

We then delivered food to our twin 2nd graders and their gogo (she is one of the gogo’s we built a house for in December).  They were almost as excited to see us as I was to see them!  I call the gogo our dancing gogo because I’ve never seen her sitting still.  She’s incredible in both strength/hardwork and love.  We hired someone 2 months ago to dig a pipeline to our school so we could tap into the community water source (on the rare occasion when it isn’t dry) and he quit working midway through the digging process and disappeared.  The gogos, with the dancing gogo in the lead, volunteered to pick up their shovels and finish the job for free so the school kids will have access to water.  They never cease to amaze me. 

Tomorrow morning I have a meeting with the lead lady at the Ministry of Education.  We found out last week that the person from the ministry we have been working with for the last number of years on registering our school (New Hope Primary for orphans) has been entirely corrupt.  He has made demands over the years and strung us along making promises of registering our school with the national government – yet, we found out he has done nothing to promote the school and has not told the headquarter office a word about our school’s existence.  The lead lady is irate, as are we.  Apparently if he had done his job, we would not have had to play his games and the school would have been registered years ago.  And to think about all of the goats we slaughtered for his big belly… poor goats.  And the hardwork of Maseko, our community leader, and the teachers over the years to meet his silly demands.  And the hardworking gogos who have worked tirelessly – for free - to clear land, fence land, dig holes, and attend meetings at his beck and call in the hopes that their orphaned grandchildren would be able to attend a registered school.  He will be at the meeting tomorrow morning with me, the lead lady, and Mr. Maseko.  God give me grace… 

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