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day two!!

Dear readers – out of respect to the orphans and families we work with, if there is a positive story, we will blast names from the rooftop… but if it is something we think our children may not want personally disclosed  we aren’t going to say names.

Now, onto the day..”But can I rub this on her tongue to clean it?” This afternoon we took our kids to the pharmacy to pick up some hygiene necessities. As the kids are picking out deodorant and toothpaste, another child is asking me if she can rub some ointment on her 2 month old daughters’ mouth.  Im no expert but I was never told to rub any chemicals around tinlies mouth and immediately worried about the rural Swazi remedies going around. I couldn’t help but think how grateful I was of having a mom who could guide me through the unknowns of becoming a mother myself.  Her baby has been experiencing seizures every night and the local doctors claimed meningitis (without any diagnostic tests) gave her Panadol (Tylenol) and discharged her. Now we are learning the mother no longer wants her because she wants to go to college. I offered to take her myself but she said I wouldn’t be able to clear the border – and she’s correct since Swaziland is not an international partner in adoption. I hope she finds someone locally to take care of the sweet angel and prevents any future unwanted pregnancies…

We spent the morning purchasing building materials for Sibusiso’s home. I am SO proud of him!!! He’s been working for $0.35 an hour and saving money to build his own home.  He only has the roof and windows to go and asked us for help (thank you!). There is no road to his homestead and as we approached it on foot we had to cross a river over slippery misplaced rocks amongst the raging water.  Later Kait asked how the supply store we ordered from was going to be able to deliver. Sibusiso responded that they won’t. They will drop the 120lb bags of cement and other materials across the river and sibusiso will carry them by foot. Wow!! Kati carried a 1kg bag of soup and had to take a breather. And I needed someone to hold my hand on the way down the slippery unpaved mountain terrain.

The builder and laborer carrying most of the load is our very own orphan Samkelo.  Mazwi and Philo’s older brother. He was super happy to see us today and to practice his super broken English. Samkelo was forced to drop out of school in 3rd grade to take care of his siblings (one HIV+) and knows very little English. He talked about lazy people, geese, his love for building, and more random topics eventually to conclude the conversation with ‘be careful Annie… the river is f#@$%d up’ as I am about to slide head first to my slippery wet fate. His broken English was just about to break my heart at his lost opportunities …until it made me crack up! Of course they learn the curse words at the work yard!!

We then delivered emergency food packages to our elangeni orphans and then took them to pizza to chat. We found that Philo wants to start a clothing sale business (Kait and I are already starting her a pile of ours here!). Nosipho has gotten a job as a nanny and loves it AND she just applied to college to study business management! Njabuliso has an upcoming trip to Durban with his college (thank you!!) to learn about imported cars (he’s in automotive engineering). And lungelo offered to help us in Malinda this week – his week off in university studying accounting.
My heart is so full of love and prayer for these kids!! And I’m appreciative of your own love and prayers! Without you nothing would be possible.

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