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Day 1 & 2 IUPUI Student Design Team

Day 1:

BEST NEWS EVER: Mazwi is healthy….almost! His fever is gone!! And his mouth sores are almost gone.  He’s healing! Thank you for your support and prayers, they worked!  This is such a blessing to me!!! SIYABONGA KAKHULU!!!! (Thank you very much!) I honestly cannot explain how relieved I am that it was not something worse… Thank you.

BEST NEWS EVER ALSO!!: Thank you for your donations for eLangeni primary school… We were able rebuild the school roof from the storm damage in April! Now all 110 elementary children are back in their classrooms learning!! The roof and walls aren’t repainted (Sorry Kait, for the eye-sore!!) but the priority was getting the kids in the classroom… Woo hoo!!

The group tried their culinary skills on 632 kids at eLangeni Primary school. Brendan and Mary are concerned that they screwed up the flavor of the soup thinking they watered it down too much.  At the end of the day, 632 kids lined up for second helpings so they must not have messed things up too much 😉
We arrived at New Hope to build the plastic bottle toilets and saw a dirt pile as wide as an SUV and almost as tall as me… the dirt was displaced as the builder removed the dirt from the pit hole – but unfortunately put it right where we would be building.  So we spend the day doing a “Dirt Mountain Relocation”.   I told our teacher that she would not be able to recognize me tomorrow after all of the muscles I grew today.  More than likely the group will be carrying me around Swaziland as my back and arms already hurt as I dream about my pillow.  But someday soon orphans will be pottying in a real toilet rather than the bush.  They wont have to fear black mambas and infectious disease.  And for that, I will gladly take on some aches and pains… anyone for a back massage…Ty????

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