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Today as Karen, Amanda, Katy and I were playing a fierce card game called Stomach with the kids we were congratulating Nomfundo on her upcoming wedding.  She replied, “It’s coming.  Don’t worry ladies.  Your time will come too.”  I love how my little orphan - whom I’ve known since she was a young girl - is reminding me how far behind I am in the love category…But I couldn’t be happier for her and I am thrilled that they postponed the wedding so that we will be able to attend when we return to Swaziland in November! Our eldest kiddos is now all grown up!!

It was amazing running into Bheki, phoning all of our partners, and seeing the children again.  But it’s hard to hear of tragedies that occurred while we were gone.  Mazwi, Samkelo and Pilo buried not only their sister (of which we were aware) but also their grandmother and their grandfather earlier this month.  They are now entirely alone.  Sizo said that a prophet (traditional healer) has prayed over his neck tumor resulting in a tumor that has shrunk and is no longer painful.  I am hoping that this is really an actual miracle rather than something that is going to cause further health complications from refusing the surgery that the doctors ordered.  But otherwise the Msibis and Maziya's are doing well.  We've even hired Samkelo to build our shelving in our children's library!

The internet isn’t working well and I don’t have much time but I just wanted to let you know that we are all here, safe, and happy.  I LOVE introducing new people to our GHFP kids.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the room when Sizo recited a poem tonight about his life prior to versus after our support.  What sweet children… more tomorrow, I promise. 

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