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"You are educating the future of our nation" - Day 2

Today we delivered food including rice, mealies, beans, brown sugar, soup stock, and 105kg of chicken to the primary school (Thanks FOODOM grant!!).  I warned Amanda and Karen, our new GHFP participants, that they would benefit from football pads as these kids will tear them up. Katy already knew the drill and she has a teacher voice.  Before the van doors even open the kids assume their pouncing positions and BAM! There is a kid pile with Katy somewhere at the bottom.  BAM! There goes Amanda…BAM Karen’s down too.  I tell them in my stern I-teach-at-an-alternative-school voice that they may hold my hands but they may not use me as their human jungle gym…too bad they don’t know English because that could have been “PLEASE, me next me next!!” for all they knew.  BAM, last man down.  Bheki had to come to our rescue yelling in siSwati.  Katy said later that she thought she might have died from the kids trampling on her but death-by-happy-kid is probably the best way to go.  My hair was petted and my sweater was almost ripped off – sooooo, today was a success.
We also delivered the 10 laptops (Thanks Jan, Paul, and Franklin Energy Services!!!!).  The community was so pleased that the Princess Chief made an appearance to thank us for the gifts.  The community committee leader, village facilitator, head teacher, principal, and computer teacher were also there.  When the Princess Chief speaks I cling to every word, “Thank you for being here and thank you Annie for always returning to us.  Over the years you have all helped this community so greatly and we are happy that we have been able to become partners and friends.  You are educating the future of our nation.  Together, holding hands, we will continue and our children will become ministers, teachers, doctors, and nurses.  Thank you and all of Give Hope, Fight Poverty for your continued support.”  This thank you belongs to ALL OF YOU who made this all a reality.  Kait and I are only the middlemen - you all are the important ones.  

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