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Hello, I am Mr. Swaziland! - Day 16

Today Kait drove Mary back to the JoBurg airport (bye Mary, we will miss you!) and picked up Sydney (YIPEE friend, I cannot wait to see your face).  So, Katy and I were alone and on foot.  As we walked to our meetings today we recapped some of our favorite times thus far. One favorite was when Katy got beat up by a 4 year old.  This little cutie was a-gosh-darn-dorable.  She tried to count to five but skipped a few numbers and just started screaming and giggling with glee.  Then she tried to touch our hair.  On any other day, we would have allowed this, but today was the rare occasion that we had recently washed free from children’s sticky finger germies.  Katy may or may not have backed away from Miss Sticky Fingers too quickly – whatever the case may be, this little angel turned into a nightmare, fast.  She started gathering large rocks – somewhat boulder-ish – and started mauling Katy with them as I laughed and tried not to pee my pants and Katy ran faster than Bheki away from our little “friend”.  I may or may not have laughed too hard – whatever the case may be, our little angelic nightmare started slapping me with such force she knocked herself to the ground.  

Another was when we met Mr. Swaziland, himself.  He firmly grasped our hands and said, “Hello, I am Lindo – Mr. Swaziland!”  Katy and I tried to conceal our giggles… I don’t know what was funnier – the fact that we accidentally met Mr. Swaziland, or that he introduced himself as such.  But it made Katy and I realize that we needed to start making our introductions more exciting.  I want to try out, “Hey there, I’m Annie, Miss America” and since Katy is such a peanut, she will try, “Hi! My name is Katy, Miss Teen USA”.  But first we decided we’d better at least shave our legs and run a brush through our hair or no one would ever believe us. Katy even bought a Swazi tweezers in the first aid section of the pharmacy for the occasion.  Tonight when Kait & Sydney arrive we are going to go play with the Msibi’s and deliver some of the hygiene items to the child-headed homes.  Only 3 more weeks in my home away from home… 

Our friend Sifiso choreographing a pre-school dance team at a private international Montessori school.  Might have been the cutest thing ever.

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