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I got up early to shower for a radio show – Day 15

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There is an amazing guy named Fikeveni who I met many years ago when I was living here in Swaziland.  He has the most innovative ideas and a passionate heart for the children of his country.  He’s now living in Indiana and we are lucky enough to have him on our Give Hope, Fight Poverty board of directors.  When we were out and about the other evening I ran into someone who looked JUST like him!  Before I got too excited I asked the young man what his surname was…Dlamini! But there are thousands of Dlaminis so I still couldn’t get too excited but then he laughed and that was DEFINITELY a Fiks smile.  It turns out that they are brothers.  His name is Bobo and he runs a Swazi radio show.  He invited us to be his guests of honor this morning for a short interview.  At first I was against it.  I like to work behind the scenes.  The people who should be getting the press are all of our Gogo’s who are working tirelessly and without pay to build our Malindza school for their orphaned grandchildren…or our children who are inspiring, loving, and hopeful despite growing up alone in child-headed homes…or our community partners Bheki, Maseko, Nelly, and Nomfundo who volunteer to coordinate all of our eLangeni and Malindza programs.  Recognizing Katy, Kait, Mary and I on a radio show seems similar to congratulating the stage crew of a broadway play and neglecting the stars.  But Bobo insisted.  I was so nervous that I woke up early to shower.  He interviewed us about our programs and our organization.  I made every effort to turn all of the accolades back to our local partners and to turn the topics to our amazing children.  As we were walking home from the radio station I received SMS messages from our local friends saying that they heard us on the radio – embarrassing.  I decided if there is ever a next time, I am going to have our kiddos talk instead.  But now Kait feels like she’s famous as she just did a TV interview about Art With a Heart back in the states and now a radio show here in Swaziland.  She will be returning to the States July 9th at which time she is happy to sign autographs at the O’Hare airport… 
 Radio host Bobo
 GHFP at the Swazi recording studio

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