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Day Three!!

Today was action packed running from one thing to the next… but it started out with delivering food to the child-headed homesteads in eLangeni.  Our friend Baby T (Sthembiso) and our village facilitator Bheki helped.  Thank goodness we had them guide us through the unmarked “roads” to find the homes (imagine dirt paths on a treacherous mountain side that only the most fearless travelers would trek across…on foot. Not wide enough for a car, per say, but we shall forge onward and upward regardless…sorry AVIS).
We are so excited to add 3 new orphans to receive our scholarships.  It is $450 a year to attend eLangeni High School and I got to meet the three new children today.  One was actually Baby T’s little brother who is so sweet and great.  He has been out of school due to the lack of fees for a couple of years and is anxious to get back into the classroom.  He was also homeless so we found a place for him to stay temporarily with a teacher at the school until we can find a room somewhere to rent for him.  Then there is another girl Tegise and a boy Bonginkhosi.  They, and all of our other sponsored orphans, are all excited to attend school this January!! We are SO grateful to our donors for enabling us to give the students the one thing they want most…an education. 

One of our boys Mlondi who has been sponsored for some time was excited to see us again.  His home was on such a sketchy path that we parked our car down the mountain and walked by foot carrying 12.5kg bags of rice, beans, mealies, brown sugar, etc to his home.  When he saw us coming he came running!  He lives alone with his brother as his parents died some time ago but you couldn’t tell from the way they keep their house – immaculate!  They even did odd jobs for neighbors since school closed and spent the money to repaint the exterior of their home.  Very hardworking boys…

We picked up Lungelo – our college student – and went to town.  We ate at Moonlite which serves traditional Swazi cuisine comprised of boiled chicken stew over a bed of rice with cole slaw (they call it cabbage salad), lettuce salad, and fresh sliced tomatoes.  Baby T asked for his stew to contain chicken feet and we were all a bit grossed out (sorry to those of you who like that!!).  Baby T made the chicken legs dance all over the dinner table and licked the chicken toes prior to consuming it for our viewing pleasure (blaaaaah!).  Then we went to purchase toiletries for the children.  Lungelo asked for only a bath towel, soap, and deodorant from the store.  These kids are so respectful of the donor funds and never ask for things that aren’t necessities…

Heading to bed now.  Tomorrow we will deliver food to child-headed homes in Malindza so they will be able to have feasts on New Year’s Day.   Then, as the ritual has been for the last countless number of years, we will shoot off fireworks at Nomfundo’s house with the orphans. New Year’s is as special to me as it is the orphans.  Every NYE at midnight, I gaze at our children, hesitating over each precious face, praying in my mind for God to keep them safe, successful, and happy for another year and thanking Him for the pleasure of having these amazing children in my life.   

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