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Day Two!!

My heart burst at two separate times today…

First, we went to Malindza and arrived at the toilet site (Thanks St Matthew of Frankfort!!).  Of course the supplies were delivered to the wrong location (as always) and we were forced (in skirts – except Mark, he wasn’t in a skirt) to carry the 100 50lb blocks, 110lb bags of cement and logs the size of a tree to the building site.  Don’t get me wrong, I did a lot of delegating and not as much carrying, but I may or may not have still been a vital part of the team.  Speaking of the team – they are AWESOME! I could not have hand picked a better team.  Okay, back to the heart burst… first thing in the morning, I see that Samkelo was on the building crew.  Samkelo! The guy who single-handedly raised his little brother and sister since Mazwi was only 3 years old.  But also Samkelo…the guy who has recently turned abusive alcoholic and makes Pilo and Mazwi sleep under bushes when he’s angry at life.  I didn’t know whether to hug him and tell him how much I appreciate his hard work or smack him in the head and tell him if he ever makes his siblings sleep under a bush again I will have to perform an intervention.  Heart burst number one: Pride for Samkelo’s work ethic and perseverance but sadness as to what this tough world has forced him to become.

Then we go to Growmore (thanks mom!!) and purchase emergency meal packages for the child-headed homes.  This is complete with rice, beans, mealies, brown sugar, soup mix, peanut butter, cooking oil, matches, candles, dish soap, canned fish, canned baked beans and peanuts.  This is the hunger season when school is out of session so they do not receive our school lunches.  Often, the children have nothing to eat at home.  We make our delivery round and end at Pilo and Mazwi’s house.  When we walk in, Mazwi is excited to show me something.  He rushes inside and carries out a brand new wash basin (to wash dishes or clothes) and two brand new ceramic drinking mugs.  He is stoked!  Pilo boasts that they sold the candies in the enormous bags we left for them the last trip (Thanks Mama Jan Buckles) and used the profits to buy these necessities.  SOMEONE STOP MY BURSTING HEART!  I could not love these kids more or be more proud of the stellar human beings they have become!!!  At age 12, would you have purchased a wash basin and drinking mugs with your coins?  The bad thing is, their sister has gotten a divorce and moved home with her baby and baby-on-the-way.  Since she is older, she is now taking over their one-room home they’ve lived in their entire lives leaving them to now live in a broken down home destroyed by a fire 8 years ago.  The good thing is, you can help.  We already have $500 and need only $1,500 more to ensure that these children have a permanent place to call home.  Would you be willing to spare even $25? or email me:  Siyabonga (thank you!) more tomorrow…

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