May 2017 IUPUI Final Post

"My father died when my mother gave birth to me. My life was very difficult when my mother passed away - I was 7 by that time. I was raised by a brother who was 14 years old who would fetch and sell firewood for an income. I was looking after my younger brother who was 9 months old. When she died, there was no food and other challenges and no one cared. I had no one to pay for school fees.
I dropped out and stayed home for two years. Children in the community laughed at me. My heart was filled with ineffable sadness. I prayed and I cried, but God knew me before I was formed in my mothers womb.
I then got the sponsorship that means everything to me. It is every reason, hope, and dream I've ever had because I am who I am because of their support. I would really like to further my studies so that I become a doctor to help my siblings and I will intend to build a hospital in my community where by needy children will get free medical treatments."

This was a story written by one of our amazing children. Because of your generosity, this week we have been able to continue supporting her, and our other orphaned children, by delivering emergency food supplies, building a tire pyramid playground, building a home and toilet for a homeless child, sanitizing used hotel soaps to prevent disease, and delivering educational play materials including a tablet filled with educational apps to a pediatric hospice center. We cannot do any of this without are our village and because of you, people like Mphilo are able to grow and thrive.

We are filled with gratitude! If you would like to support our work, you can find our website here:

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