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Day 18:
Today was yet another busy day and these past 18 days of nonstop action have finally taken a toll on me!! Its not even 8p and I think I am going to bed early… like now.  So this will be short. With how wordy I am, you’re probably relieved!

This morning we got up early (as always) so 5 people could be ready to leave the house for Malindza at 6:40a.  When we reach the community gardens, it’s raining and cold.  Awesome.  We’re picking green peppers, cabbages, spinach, lettuce, beet root, and tomatoes for the primary school lunch (thanks mitali, as always, you’re a lifesaver/tummy filler) trying not to freeze to death.  The participants commented a number of times how hard the work is – but in a community far from everything and with such a high unemployment rate, there aren’t many other possibilities.  Hard work or hunger. 

Then we went to Competitive Sports.  Katy and I fell in love with the British guy who owns it, so nice!! He built us a set of goal posts for our HIV orphanage and we also purchased soccer balls, American footballs, a tetherball set, kites, jump ropes, and toys for our kiddos (thanks Carmel Clay Middle School!!!!).  The owner of the sports shop even delivered it for us and he was so sweet saying that it made him happy to watch the kids play with his equipment.  I think he thought we were crazy to buy such nice/expensive stuff for the kids who will just play with it to death in a short time, but then he saw the smiles.  They will get you every time.  I’ll do pretty much anything for those. We spent hours at Selula Sandla playing soccer and games with the kids.  White people versus orphans… it didn’t seem that fair since we are all tall and in our 20s and these kids were like 10 and tiny, but listen people – they have more energy and we were outnumbered.  

Then we went to the Msibi house and the 4 girls tried on all of our prom dresses we brought donated from friends and family.  I cant wait to show pictures!! They were screaming and then they came out posing and acting like they’d just won the Oscars.  It was absolutely adorable.  Their brother Sizo said that now when he walks with them he will have to be their bodyguard because they are so stunningly beautiful.  I agree.  Nate was always surprised that no matter what dress they took back into the room to try on, they all fit like a glove.  It was truly a miracle.  I am thankful today for the small miracles… I feel like I have been receiving more than my fair share recently and am sad I only have 4 more days here.  I am counting down the days until I get to come back December 26th for the next GHFP service-learning trip already!! Who’s with me…?

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