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Day 21, 22, and 23:
I’ve been too busy to blog the last few days and we are about to leave for Johannesburg (the GHFP participants are heading home while Kait and I leave for a week in Zambia with GHFP volunteer Sheila Viswanathan).  For those of you wondering, I didn’t get to say goodbye to Mazwi but looking on the bright side, I think it means that God has to keep him healthy until I come back in December!  As I look back over the past 3 weeks I am excited and proud of all we have accomplished:

-       629 student eLangeni Primary School feeding program
-       630 student eLangeni Secondary School feeding program
-       13 child-headed household feeding program
-       Malindza community needs assessment
-       Malindza rural community farm sponsorship
-       eLangeni Primary School computer lab installed with educational gaming software
-       Sporting and play equipment at the Selula Sandla HIV orphanage
-       Sporting equipment at both the Primary and Secondary schools in eLangeni
-       Sponsorship of 13 orphan’s education (tuition, school uniform, school shoes)
-       Sponsorship of an orphan and vulnerable youth soccer team
-       Solar lighting system for the Maziya homestead

This is in addition to endless smiles and laughter watching movies, having dance parties, singing songs, playing cards/games, and a fashion show. We are bringing another team to Swaziland with tentative dates of December 26th-January 6th.  If you’d like to join us, we will be working with orphans of child-headed households in rural communities.  I cant imagine a better way to welcome the new year than with our incredible Give Hope, Fight Poverty kiddos! Contact annie if you’d like more information: and visit our website:   

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