May: Final Day

The "winter" breeze is blowing... rustling the beautiful flowering tree outside my bedroom window. A dog is barking in the distance. The guest house manager Futhi is belly laughing in the other room and My. Heart. Is. So. Full. I don't know why it is this way, but I just FEEL more here.  It isn't always a good thing, I feel more pain and sadness as well.  But today, after waking up early to drive across the country during the most beautiful colorful sunrise peeking out over the endless rolling mountains to the most destitute area to deliver food to some of the most hard working and deserving high school children, we spent the day with our eLangeni kids laughing and smiling until our cheeks hurt. Full, full, full… so full my heart can barely stand it.  

You see, after we delivered food (so grateful for our donors that insure the kids in food scarce environments will eat), we took Bongani and Njabuliso hiking with us.  They are the sweetest best boys you will ever meet.  It was so fun to hike and laugh and joke and be able to show them a part of their country they haven't seen before - since they are always the ones showing me around.  At the top of the mountain, Bongani rapped about life and how we must search for God even in the good times, not just going to Him when times are bad.  It's a good reminder for me... to be more like Bongani that way. Njabuliso has a big exam next month and after passing, he will be eligible for a large promotion in his job as an automotive engineer (he's one of our hardworking college graduates!)  So proud of all of our kids and love love love the young men and women they are growing into!
Jump, Bongani! I will catch you ;) 

As this trip sadly approaches its end, I will remind everyone reading about our win a trip to eSwatini program.  If you raise $250 before August 10th, you'll be eligible to win a free trip to eSwatini (by random drawing  We'd love to have you participate and potentially come with us! 

Additionally, we'd love, of course, to receive your donations.  With smaller organizations like ours, no monetary denomination is too small.  ( 

And you can always contact me directly with any questions or comments you have! 
Until we return to eSwatini in July...……. Siyabonga (thank you) and goodnight! 

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