Kait's here now!!

This morning, I went back to Malindza.  There was an unfortunate occurrence where too many cooks tried to be in the kitchen (perhaps also an issue of Swazi male dominance? It’s tough being a girl here…and I only have to tolerate it a handful of times a year) and my builder was let go and another was hired without my knowledge or consent.  That’s a problem. For many reasons, but mainly because we’ve had poor builders in the past where we spent donor dollars to build and then spent double the money to fix the problems when we were given the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Lo and behold, Raymond (one of my favorite Swazis) to save the day! Not only will he be building what we originally hired him for (3 rain catchments and 2 chicken coops at child-headed homes) but also now the home for our homeless high school boy in Malindza.  Phew! It will be a permanent and beautiful structure!

I picked up Kait from the shuttle bus stop today and we headed straight back to Malindza for more building.  When we reached Mthokozisi’s future homestead, the building store we purchased supplies arrived simultaneously with our delivery.  Mthokozisi’s grandfather was there as it pulled up.  He immediately started shaking and reiterating that Jesus is coming, and that he sees Jesus.  He tried then to tell me how “strong” I was.  He kept pointing at me saying, “You are so strong.”  I immediately thought he failed to find the proper English word as I made a muscle and winked/laughed.  Strength has never been a strong suit – emotional or physical.  I knelt and shook his hand and in my mind yelled THANK YOU to all of our donors who gave this old man the thing he was hoping most for in his life – a safe home for his homeless grandson he was unable to personally provide. 

Before this, his grandson was buying cell phone airtime from town and selling it at a higher amount in the rural areas.  Some days he would come home with some coins.  Other times, he would come home empty handed.  He had a 6th grade education and he was almost entirely alone as his immediate family all passed.  Now he is thriving in school and almost a home owner (and egg-laying hen owner) in a couple of weeks.  It’s amazing how thoroughly and how quickly our donors change children’s lives.  Kait and I are forever grateful!!

Early morning back in Malindza.  Goodnight from Kait and Annie in eSwatini! Thank you for supporting our endeavors to help the kiddos – despite the hurdles! 

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