First blog from Kansas/purdue/keen trip!

I promised a blog, so I am going to deliver. But it is midnight, so it is going to be short!

Today was:

NECESSITIES: We delivered food and necessities to child-headed homes.  We had umbrellas (Thanks mama Jan) and a solar energy system (Thanks Kim!) and toiletries (Thanks Kansas Chi Omegas) to give to the kids in need.  We also spent donor dollars to provide emergency food aid to provide the families. This is an exceptionally hard time because the children aren’t in school so they aren’t receiving school lunch or any food aid.  Thank you!   

STINKY HOT GREAT WORK: Today we had 103 chicks in the car.  They smelled bad and pooped EVERYWHERE but they were so cute and serenaded us with their chirping!! Oh, and they pecked Hayden and Kiyah’s legs… but there are no bruises... well Hayden has a little one but she said it’s cute and Kiyah said it felt like a tattoo and already has a bunch of those  - so all is good. 😊

We took the chickens to child-headed homes in Malindza to give the kids an opportunity to have access to protein (eggs) and income generation (selling the chickens).  When we dropped the chickens at Amanda’s house (one of the 7 homes), she exclaimed “Now I am a chicken mommy, I’m so happy!”  I loved it. Amanda lives alone with her grandmother and these chickens will make a difference in all of the children's lives! 

NEED: When we approached one of the children’s homes  - it’s actually for 2 small girls.  They live with an older brother who is an alcoholic.  We wish to build the girls their own one room home away from the brother and his wife where they are currently staying.  $3500 will build the entire home.  Right now their home is stick and mud – that they share with the older brother and his wife - and has holes the size of sheets of paper leaving them exposed to animals and rain.

Our “village” is amazing.  I have never once doubted that a need will be fulfilled because we have YOU.  Many years Kait and I (Annie) wondered how we’d keep this tiny organization alive since no one knows about eSwatini and so many other organizations have budgets for marketing, websites, and fancy galas.  We should have never doubted you.  GHFP Village is FIERCE.  And we appreciate every penny you trust in us.  Every penny helps the kids.  You’ll never see Annie or Kait in fancy evening gowns somewhere pretending to represent the orphans who are barefooted in a torn t-shirt. We love these kids like family and are grateful for you for changing the path of their lives!Siyabonga from eSwatini!! Siyabonga for your trust and support.

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